(English) Winner of the 2021 EANA Space Factor student contest

We are happy to announce, that Sebastian Gfellner received the 1st price in this year’s European Astrobiology Network Association (EANA) 2021 Space Factor student contest. The aim was to introduce the project to a wider public in a creative way. Enjoy watching the video: "Introducing the FORAminifera Rocket EXperiment (FORAREX)". Stay tuned!


Ever wondered what could happen to your bones if you were born in space? Is there a blueprint of building your skeleton which is gravity dependent? How could we cultivate organisms and food producers in space or on other planets? Could we find new biomaterials with yet unknown properties? And what does a Foraminifera have to do with all this? For answers on those questions check out the video below from EANA 2021 Space Factor student contest and follow the journey of our special astronaut.