Laboratory work, Optical observation & Data Analysis (Chemistry & Physiology)



Studies: B.Sc. Biology and Chemistry (Teaching profession)


I received my first degree in biology from Bremen University in 2001. After having worked on some minor details of plants and fungi for a couple of years, I decided to leave the field and to enroll again in a Bachelor study program with the new goal of becoming a high school teacher for biology and chemistry. I have a strong interest in astrobiology and run the science website “”. Aside from the duties imposed by studying, I may sometimes be seen cooking or spending a nice evening at the planetarium.


Scientific paper:
Kulmann, C., Kim, S. J., Lee, S. S., & Harms, C. (2003). A Reliable “Direct from Field” PCR Method for Identification of Mycorrhizal Fungi from Associated Roots. Mycobiology, 31(4), 196-199.