Data Analysis (Biomineralisation & Microstructure)



Studies: M. Sc. Geoscience


I met Jan through the “Dr. Hans Riegel-Fachpreise” foundation. When he told me about the experiment, I was thrilled. I asked myself: do you need a geologist?

Due to their fossil maintainability and their rock-forming shells, foraminifera are important fossils and geochemical proxies in palaentology. Information about water temperature and salinity are stored in fossil carbon shells. To interpret those it is necessary to understand abotic factors, their lifestyle and biomineralisation. Science has an increasing interest in optimizing the mineralisation of the organism.

But what happens to biomineralisation under microgravity?

For my bachelor thesis I worked with living and fossil micro-/ultrastructure of biogenic material. I am looking forward to supporting the team with further biogeoscientific perspectives.