Flight Simulation at DLR

The Bench Test at DLR Oberpfaffenhofen was one of the final technical tests before launch of the REXUS rocket in march 2019.

communication system test

The first day was especially important to our computer scientists. The complete experiment payload had to undergo communication system checks. The compatibility of the different interfaces and the function of the hardware was verified here. Without the communication system no data can be measured or collected during the flight which makes it one of the most important components of the experiment.



flight simulation test

The next step was to integrate all experiment modules that are launched with REXUS 25. It was the brought in configuration of the flight so that there could be a countdown. Now that this test was procedured the changes to all of the experiments should be reduced to a minimum. That is why this test was crucial for us.




Assembly of REXUS 25 rocket

On the following day, the REXUS 25 rocket finally could be assembled. To memorise this special moment we recorded a short video for you to enjoy.



The rocket is now almost ready for take off! We are excited and are now looking forward to the launch even more.